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November 15, 2016 through November 15, 2017

PONY CAMP SESSION II-for 4-6 yr olds-(1 spot left- additional registrants will be put on a waiting list)
TUESDAY, July 11 and THURSDAY, July 13

SUNDAY, July 16

MONDAY, July 17 thru FRIDAY, July 21

TUESDAY, July 25 and WEDNESDAY, July 26

PONY CAMP SESSION III-for 4-6 yr olds
TUESDAY, August 1 and THURSDAY, August 3

MONDAY, August 7 thru FRIDAY, August 11

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Meadowsweet Ranch - Feedback
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re: 'Dance with your Horse'
"I really enjoy all the activities that are being offered at Meadowsweet during the year, but the 'Dance with your Horse' event is always something special. Finding music, arranging steps and turns to the music, maybe teaching your/my horse a little trick is a lot of fun. And what really amazed me is the number of spectators that watched us again this year - even though it was quite cold." Silke

re: Meadowsweet Ranch
"My daughters and I have been taking lessons at Meadowsweet since 2005. There is no better place to have a relationship with horses. We have learned so much about horses and ourselves. As a mom, I really feel that we are all VERY safe on our mounts. The horses are so happy here because Kathy and Mark and their staff take such good care of them. We wish we lived closer than 45 minutes away because we would be at Meadowsweet more often. You can't beat the summer trips and year 'round special events at Meadowsweet!" Judy M.

re: FCH I for the Young Homeschooled Horse Lover
"Both kids like different things about the class, Gracie likes the different facts she is learning about the horses, and Emma likes the interaction with them. We can't think of anything we are unhappy with." Kim W.

re: FCH I for the Young Homeschooled Horse Lover
"Marli is enjoying herself, learning new things and spending time with other homeschool girls. I'm really glad at the mix of academic-type information with hands-on experiences. There's nothing at all that I am unhappy with." Shannon W.

re: Meadowsweet Ranch
"This is one of the most caring facilities and management I have ever been associated with! If you're looking for a place to keep your horse where they really LOVE horses, this is it! And as a bonus, it's connected to miles of lovely trails!" Julie L.

re: Meadowsweet Ranch
"I've never known a more caring person then Kathy Boettcher. She takes the best care possible of the horse at her facility. She is constantly working to learn more about the best way to treat a horse. There is access to Chain O Lakes State Park, which has some really great trails. There isn't anywhere else I'd rather board a horse." Britt G.

re: What do you like best about taking lessons at Meadowsweet Ranch?
"I love the great atmosphere between staff, students, and owners of all different ages and the wonderful way of learning to be a partner to my horse." S. Paulsen

re: What do you like best about taking lessons at Meadowsweet Ranch?
"Lessons are not all riding. You learn other things you can use in everyday life, such as the proper breathing skills, learning balance., Proper equipment usage, and why. There is horse sense behind all that you do with/to a horse that most people never thought of. This is the place to learn those "little things" that make huge difference in the relationship you have with horses." P. Mirs

re: What do you like best about taking lessons at Meadowsweet Ranch?
"I like that the horse is the priority. We learn about horse anatomy and how to be good riders for our enjoyment while keeping the health and longevity of the horse in mind." J. Huber

re: What do you like best about taking lessons at Meadowsweet Ranch?
"I like being able to go out on trail. I like the atmosphere at the barn, in that the needs of the horses come first and riding means building a relationship with that horse. It is not just a place to ride, but a place to enjoy and build friendships." K. Faith

re: What do you like best about taking lessons at Meadowsweet Ranch?
"I love spending time with Popcorn and cannot wait ‘til I am older to help out at the ranch." B. Goyings