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Meadowsweet Ranch - Pony Camp
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Meadowsweet Ranch
Our Pony Camp is the perfect introduction to the magical world of ponies for young pony lovers 4-6 years of age!
There are three pony camp sessions during the summer, running 9am to 12pm, Tuesday and Thursday of the given week.
At Meadowsweet Ranch we strive to teach children how to have FUN with ponies while being SAFE. Our goal is to see smiling faces, hear giggles of joy and outright laughter of excitement.
Each session includes:
  • Educational time geared toward this age group.
  • Pony introductions – how to say HELLO in pony language
  • Grooming and how to get the pony ready to be ridden
  • Riding time
  • Awesome crafts
  • Games with the ponies
  • Games with the other campers
child on horse

Our counselor to camper ratio is high so that each camper gets the attention and help needed to keep them safe while they are learning to handle and ride our ponies.

We want to share our love of horses and ponies with our campers and make Pony Camp a positive, enjoyable experience for every camper!

Educational time
This is generally in the form of short stories written for this specific age level. This is a fun way to learn something about ponies that keeps their attention.

Pony Introductions
Ponies have manners just like people, they just express them a little differently. We feel it is polite to say HELLO before we ask a pony to come with us to get ready to ride, or before we even pet them.

Grooming and riding prep
Learning to groom teaches the campers some of the necessary care to keep ponies healthy and happy while being ridden. This is also great bonding time.

Riding time
We introduce riding to the campers in the safest way possible by having a counselor lead them, and teaching them balancing and breathing exercises. Our ponies are docile and familiar with children. They have been exposed to many noises and obstacles in their lives. We feel strongly that hand-led rides for our 4-6 year olds is safest for the camper and the pony. If your child has previous riding experience, has a fairly balanced seat and knows how to utilize emergency stops, we
will be sure to help your child advance their riding skills and abilities.

Campers enjoy making at least one craft each session that they take home with them to remember their time at pony camp.

Games with the ponies
There are times during each camp when all the campers are together with their mounts to play games. The games are used to utilize skills they've been learning in their lessons and to have lots of fun with their mounts and their friends.

Games with other campers
It’s always fun to make new friends and playing games together is a great way to foster friendships and encourage teamwork.

Click here to watch a short video of excerpts from a past pony camp.
Camp session dates and registration/secure payment links are available on ourevents page from late January through mid-August.
If you have any other questions, please contact Kathy