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Ranch Newsletter

Meadowsweet Ranch - In Memoriam
In Honor of our Friends waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

We are glad that for a portion of your life you shared it with our Meadowsweet Ranch Family. Please know that you are missed and are thought about often.

Polish Arabian
April 6, 1985-January 14, 2011

My Merit, how could you leave me? Didn’t you read our contract that said you were suppose to live forever? I know forever would not happen, but I still feel that you left too soon, then again any time would have been too soon. You were my first horse, my dream come true.
Thinking back I was just a girl looking to work at a barn so I could ride. Who would have guessed that we would have been matched up? I guess you did when we did our first clinic together, and during the “find your owner game” you wouldn’t leave me. I have to say that was the moment when I knew you were something special.
Since then we have been together teaching and learning from each other. I will always remember racing in the fields, looking for golf balls in the creek, herding cows, game nights, and our adventurous trail rides and vacations. You taught me so much about being a true horse person.
You taught me that a little patience and determination would get us through almost anything.
Remember those dreaded ground poles, remember how you thought they were going to eat your hooves so you had to jump them all, together we beat them and you learned to walk over them and I learned to stay on (haha).
Remember the horrible water crossings and puddles, how you thought you were going to drown; soon you were swimming in ponds and riding down rivers (even if I did have to go first sometimes).
Remember how you thought the outside was scary and the arena was safe (aka: senior spooky pants), later you hated the arena and would go all day out on trail.
Remember when we moved away the first time, you helped me get through it. Remember when we moved away the second time, you helped me then also. However this time I am moving back without you. I wish you could have made this journey with me to return to where we started, but it was not meant to be. So this is where we said our goodbyes. There will never be another like you, you were and always will be my special boy. You were my first, but not my last. Everything that I have learned from you will be shared with others, with that fact I will never be without you my friend.
I miss you, I love you, I will always remember you… Merit

Tom and Nan became a part of the Meadowsweet Family in 2003 and left during 2005 due to some special needs of Tom’s. They left the midwest and moved out east together.
Their time together there has ended with crossing the rainbow bridge. The following is a poem that Nan wrote to Tom December 2009, and one of her favorite pictures of Tom as he is most remembered by her and his most recent friends.

Tom this will be my first Christmas without you, and I miss you so
I wish that you were standing here beside me, not sleeping in your grave beneath the snow
We traveled a long road together, my dearest trusting friend
I knew your time on earth was waning, but I prayed it would not end
Each time I touch your halter, I can’t believe that you’re not here
My mind knows that you have left me, but my heart says that you are near
I’d gladly pay a fortune just to feel your warm breath once again in my hair
Last night I dreamed I held you, but when I awoke you were not there
I often touch my bracelet, woven from your tail
And each time I caress it, I feel my heart take sail
To a green hillside in heaven where I know you wait for me
At the end of your rainbow, now healthy and free

THOMAS MARCH 13, 1980 TO OCTOBER 5, 2009