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Welcome to Meadowsweet Ranch

Welcome to Meadowsweet Ranch

Located in scenic Spring Grove, Illinois, right on the eastern edge of McHenry County and western edge of Lake County just a couple miles south of the Wisconsin border. Meadowsweet Ranch is a full featured horse haven. Whether you're looking for a place to board your horse, are interested in horseback riding lessons, need some help with training, a summer camp for your favorite youngster, or looking to connect with other people in the area who love horses, Meadowsweet Ranch offers the best Northern Illinois has to offer.

Nestled adjacent to Chain O' Lakes State Park, Meadowsweet Ranch offers convenient stall/paddock- to-trail easement access for our boarders and we feature horseback riding lesson plans that help students connect with horses through trust and respect from the ground up.

Our spacious clubroom has hosted quite a number of after-ride potlucks and our barns provide comfortable accommodations for our equestrian friends.

Please follow the links above to learn more about us. We're very proud of our ranch and would love to show you around in person. Call us soon to arrange a visit.

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Our program goes farther than the traditional riding program. Horsemanship is a lifelong journey of developing knowldege, skill and the relationship between horse and horseman. The state of that relationship at any given time is a combination of many factors, including trust, respect, leadership, experience, technique, physical condition, diet and more.  In full circle horsemanship we work closely with both horse and horseman to evaluate the state of the current relationship and to create and implement an individualized plan for moving towards the next level of the relationship.  When that goal is achieved, we've completed the circle and we savor the accomplishment.  And then we begin the process again to work towards yet a higher level, always striving for the softest communication possible from the ground as well as from the saddle.  As practiced at Meadowsweet Ranch, this longterm commitment to enhancing the relationship is what separates the horse rider from the true horseman.

To truly develop a trusting, respectful, harmonious partnership with your horse, we believe your horsemanship must be progressive and based on techniques that bring a willingness from the horse to participate in a human/equine partnership.

Rider and horse need to develop a relationship based on trust and respect. We will help you achieve a partnership and harmony with your equine friend.

Students develop confidence, balance, coordination, teamwork skills and much more.

Our program will help you achieve your goals whether it is to ride in a show ring or out on trail.

Our program combines groundwork (on-line and at liberty); and exercises under saddle in a safe, progressive skill building format. Instructor and students work as a team.

Riders with enough experience will be able to enjoy an occasional ride on the trails.

Our lessons are for all ages: 4-104

Gift Certificates available

Contact Kathy for further info

For everyone's comfort our facility has:

  • Comfortable viewing area for spectators
  • Heated Bathrooms
  • Semi-heated club room
  • Indoor Arena
Boarding at Meadowsweet
where the horses come first.
Your horse and you will love it here......

At Meadowsweet Ranch the horses that live here are our main concern. Every effort is made to provide your horse with a clean, safe, healthy place to reside. We believe in promoting a "family" environment for the horses as well as their human families.

The nicest group of horse people you'd ever want to meet are here at Meadowsweet Ranch.

We're located right next door to Chain O'Lakes State Park at the end of Sundial Lane off of Wilmot Road. If you're a trail rider, we have quick access (no road riding) to about 8 miles of wonderful trails in Chain O'Lakes State Park.

If you like group activities, we have them.

  • Group Trail Rides.
  • Off-site group rides, activities and vacations with your horse.
  • Specialized ranch activities. (Some we've had in the past: Games on horseback; Easter Egg Hunt; Pot o' Gold Hunt; Poker run)
  • If you just want to enjoy time alone with your horse, you can do that also.
  • Our board is currently $500.00 per month and it includes:

  • Daily turnout (weather permitting)
  • various sized paddocks ensure your horse finds the right herd
  • Grain - twice per day (third feedings can be added as needed for an extra fee)
  • Hay - four times per day (up to 10 flakes-surcharge if more is needed)
  • Heated club room
  • Individualized feeding program
  • Large box stalls - cleaned daily (except New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Our veterinarian and hoofgroom/farrier or yours
  • QUICK access to Chain O' Lakes State Park Trails
  • Worming if needed
  • 60 X 160 lighted indoor arena w/Round pen available
  • 130 X 180 lighted outdoor arena (available after horses come in)
  • Manager lives on premises.

Special services available -

  • Equine First Aid
  • Exercising
  • Farrier/vet holding
  • From the ground up lesson/horsemanship program
  • Grooming
  • Pony Parties
  • Trailering/loading
  • Training
  • Vacation Stalls - just need a place for your horse while you're on vacation or out of town on business?

Other services available upon request.

Check out our ranch events to see our list of upcoming seminars/clinics.

Call for stall availability. We can pick-up your horse(s) also.

Contact Kathy for further info.